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 LIVE REPORT HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2015 sunday 21 juin Clisson France

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MessageSujet: LIVE REPORT HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2015 sunday 21 juin Clisson France   Sam 11 Juil - 15:44

Live Review by Jean-Claude L' Enfer
Pictures by Lizasteele


Formerly know as Suppuration. Quite an old band from host-country France.
The first band i see on this last day of Hellfest 2015. Again a delightful sunny day. Coffee, cigarettes, beer and off we go.
Whilst Suppuration was a death metal band. Sup is something different and so they did good to adapt their name. The clear sound of the guitars was the first that came to my ears, although they could have been louder. For the rest, Sup played magnificently. Every member had it's marked position on stage which worked out well for them. Not easy to describe their form of metal. There's death for sure, but also industrial here and there and even, parts that reminded me of Prong. A very refreshing start of day three. Sup have got the talent and originality to get further from here.


Here's another band i never heard of before. Expecting black metal, it was totally something else. Admitted the voice is like one of the standard jackdaws in that genre, but musicwise it was very groovy, catchy and infectious. Strange to see these guys having fun behind the make-up. But that's only positively meant. I definately gotta check this band out as this show gave me an appetite for more.


Ne Obliviscaris:

If readers are wondering if liked every band on this years HF edition. The answer is no. So finally, i got to see something that i didn't like at all. Ne Obliviscaris from down under. Not one tune stayed stickin' in my head. The songs were just a boring scrap up of countless riffs. Maybe these lads went for it, but i was glad it was all over.


Carach Angren:

I stayed on the same spot between Altar and Temple to watch Carach Angren. Things couldn't get any worse. Well, they didn't get any better either. A total different genre and at times there was some originality. But again it went one ear in, one ear out. I guess the frontman was doing his best to get people with him, but no make up or long black cloak can turn you into some-one you are not.
And it's damn easy to hide behind a mask on stage. Oh yeah, black metal with keyboards. No idea how they call that with this ridiculous need for stupid definitions nowadays. Clavieraistic symphonic black metal?



Ah! Revitalization. Exodus! Just what the doctor ordered after falling half asleep. How killer of an album was Bonded by Blood? And let's face it. Did these fella's ever made a bad album? No they did not, but for some reason that debut was the one. Even though, they have always kept going strong and their gigs were always a special metal happening. Same on this sunday. Exodus were smokin'! It was good to see Souza back and drive the crowd completely nuts. Circle pits, mosh pits, divers. Some things just stay the way they have always been. And Exodus have always been one of he most aggressive thrash bands from the US West Coast. Today they prove that once again. One big thrash metal fiesta.  They never stop till the last second. The old tunes, new tunes all played with never drying out enthousiasm.
Exodus are just a class A band.

Nuclear Assault:

Just when you think you recovered from Exodus, Nuclear Assault hits that very same stage. From New York, so US East Coast. Personally i always found the NY bands sounding more raw than anybody else in the US. Maybe that was also as in NY thrash/speed and hardcore were very related. The bands were friends of eachother, the genres woven. Thing is, may that be Overkill, Whiplash, or in this case Nuclear Assault; when you watch these bands, you can see and feel that raw and mean energy just like their hardcore brothers have from that city. It doesn't have to sound slick, it has to sound merciless and dirty.
And so it is. Game Over, Handle with Care, The Plague; Nuclear Assault was smacking it in your face.
Energetic, relentless and also with a good dose of humor.
Good to have them back.


About half a year ago, Morgoth took quite a risk by replacing grunter Marc Grewe and so a lot of people were curious to see how his replacement Jagger would do. The paradox is however, that Jagger is not only better than Marc, he is also the one that stands his ground on stage. Unlike his collegues. It's not that Morgoth isn't good or just plain boredom. I mean, everything is played very decent, free from any mistakes. But what i miss is.. I think passion is the right word. Jagger seems to be the only one that has that. The others just act like if they are doing a job.
I mean guys, there's nothing wrong in raging a bit while playing old school death metal. So Jagger, keep your head up and simply kick your bandbrothers in the butt so they start to move their arses and everything will look a lot better for you fella's i'm sure.


Cavalera Conspiracy:

Considering the fact that the albums of these two former Sepultura brothers and the Nailbomb and Soulfly stuff too were not quite elevating, i expected them to play mainly Sepultura material. And surprise, surprise, they did. Crowd went berserk, everybody happy.
There's only one but.. There is already a Sepultura. So why don't you leave it up to them to play their songs? Or are you afraid that if you play only tracks from Cavalera Conspiracy the people may walk away? I guess they would.
I love the old Sepultura albums, but i also respect how the band of that name continues and acknowledge that their latest releases are a lot better than yours.  It's a bit cheap to keep on floating on old glory and not be able to compose music that is worth giving a go.
Well, the people liked the show in the end.

Cannibal Corpse:

A rammed Altar for the masters of gore. Which could be foreseen regarding the bands' gold status. The first death metal band to achieve that. And uff.. It was blunt violence what CC showed everybody here. A slaughterhouse it was. It's truly unbelievable that an extreme band like this can sell so many records. Not exactly what one can call commercial. It would be hilarious to have them on MTV between all the rubbish Timberlakes and Pharrels and feed those bitches: Cannibal Corpse "I Cum Blood"
Back to the showreview though. They were very aggressive. Made one feel like slaying the ones you hate brutally. Frontman George Corpsegrinder helicoptered intensely with his massive neck, and gave some humorous introductions that suited nicely to their splatterlyrics. His organ was in great shape, deep gutted grunts. Tracks were brought forth with high speed from their entire discography.
And the band stood incredibly solid. I didn't think Cannibal Corpse could be so bloody overwhelming.


Actually i wanted to see Exploited now. But after the Body Count adventure i decided not to go to the Warzone anymore. So now i could either watch Samael or Limp Bizkit. One will understand what i chose and why.
Not that i ever liked Samael. Last time i saw them live they were totally humiliated by Vader.
So not much they could gain from my perspective. I didn't like the music at all and oh horror, programmed drums?! Why not program the damn keyboard if your drummer can play both?
I must admit though that purely show-wise seen, it was more than adequate. And for singer/guitarplayer Vorphalack it was like a homematch as he comes from the French speaking part of Switzerland. He was smart enough to use that to Samaels' advantage. After a while they did gain my sympathy by the way they were putting their heart and soul into it. Conclusion for me, musicwise not really, but show-wise i have to give them my respect.

At The Gates:


I wonder if this band ever played a gig where they were not doing excellent? At The Gates is a guarantee for high class melodic deaththrash. Tompa is a very entertaining frontman with a distinguished and recognizable voice. Sometimes a higher pitched kind of hysteria. Incredibly succesfull at he moment after their last album and a Euro- and US tour. And one can see why. Proper sound, compact show, and free from any failure. At The Gates always means value for your money.


Finally coming to the last band for me to see at this Hellfest 2015 edition. With Triptykon it's a bit similar as is the case with At The Gates. Musically of course two different worlds, but the band around former Celtic Frost's Tom G. Warrior just never disappoints. Can they ever? The sound is thick and dark, like a granite wall. As usual Vania never stops banging while molesting her bass and i had the impression the whole band enjoyed playing. Old Frost fans including your reviewer were spoiled with Procreation, Circle of the Tyrants and Usurper. What a damn treat! They always surprise with their set. Sometimes even Hellhammer songs. Not this time though, but 3 Frost songs are a cherry on the pie. And not to forget the Triptykon material itself. A very solid and impressive performance by these Swiss metalmongers.
And for me, an outstanding last closing act of an exceptional Hellfest edition.

Live Review by Jean-Claude L' Enfer
Pictures by Lizasteele

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LIVE REPORT HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2015 sunday 21 juin Clisson France
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