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 LIVE REPORT HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2015 saturday 20 juin Clisson France

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MessageSujet: LIVE REPORT HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2015 saturday 20 juin Clisson France   Sam 11 Juil - 15:43

Live Review by Jean-Claude L' Enfer
Pictures by Lizasteele

Zuul FX:

10.30 on a beautiful saturday morning on Hellfest day 2. It is truly nice to stroll around when the masses are still asleep. Unfortunately for Zuul FX though. After getting my first cold beer i was ready for another 14 hours of metal.
I guess when you start a band, you never have the intention to play this early in the morning. It must be odd to wake up, have some coffee and get on stage to rage.
Zuul FX did that astonishingly well. They got the crowd going and were working hard. Nothing but praise for them at this early hour. A very mixed form of hardcore/thrash/ with melodic bits and pieces and even a touch of death here and there. One can notice that they have been around for a decade now. Steve Zuul is an experienced frontman with a good raw throat, not standing still for one moment. And that's how you get an audience on your side. A bloody effective roll call.

Prostitute Disfigurement:

Imagine you have to tell your grandma the name of your band and you are playing in Prostitute Disfigurement.
Time for some healthy grindcore!
Well, not only grind as that would not describe precisely what these blokes are presenting. There's more to PD (please don't pronounce this in French, people) than blunt noise. There's death metal also, brutal parts and technical passages. Picture that with a band that is giving all they have and implemented with a great deal of joy and you'll get Prostitute Disfigurement. It gets one thirsty and makes you wanna have a good time with them.

Ghost Brigade:


From party modus to Ghost Brigade. Again, another extreme switch. I think just like me most attendants were wondering why this band was playing in broad daylight on main stage 1. Not that they don't deserve a mainstage, but atmosphericwise it just didn't fit. It would have suited them better to play in the Valley along with a lot of other doomish acts. I mean, slow and doomy music is not exactly something to cheer to while standing in the bright shining sun.
But alright. Somehow i felt that they knew it too. Professionals as they are, they produced a firm set.
I think it's best to watch this band in a venue or at least, during nighttime, if you truly want to encounter them at their best.

Ace Frehley:

As an old Kiss fan i can't be that objective on this one i guess. No matter what Ace does, he will always remain my childhood hero and also is responsible a bit for me being the man that i am now. My first true idol in my metal-life.
So i was ready to rock n roll and Ace and band blew me away with Kiss tracks such as Rocket Ride, Parasite, Strange Ways and of course Shock Me. The smoking Gibson, some solotracks, some Frehley's Comet tracks. It was all a blast for me. It wasn't perfect perhaps. But it was what i wanted to hear and see. I Thank you, Ace.


  from England are one of the few bands that can still produce great thrash metal albums such as their last two. Most know them of their classic Power From Hell and The Force albums though. I have seen them several times over the years and they seem to get better with every show they do. It's fisthrowing, headbanging,  old school thrash metal. And if you're into that, Onslaught will carry the banner. Old and new material were both performed absolutely tight. Good interaction with the crowd.
This is how to do it.


The Moby Dick hunters from Germany were next in the Valley. Luckily for them, they didn't have to play in the sun like their collegues of GB. So off we go to find the white wale with the obsessed captain Ahab.
Now there's more to their doom than to call it just that. Maybe a little psychedelic, Floydish touch at times. Naturally, one cannot expect these lads to go fully berserk whilst playing. You just have to join them on their journey. And musicwise they did well and took you there. A very competent band.


I saw Coffins from Japan for the first time on MDF a couple of years ago and have seen them many times after that.
Their sludgy doomy death metal is simply very infectious and every time they get the crowd going. It was also the first time i saw them with new frontman Jun Tokita and he did a fine job. Vocalwise and stage-acting that is. And whenever i see them i'm always impressed by bassplayer Koreeda. His sound, his skills, his raging. Fortunately there are still bassplayers like him around that know how to do more than just standing in the background and follow the guitarlines just because a band needs a bass. This is bass-fucken-dominance. Always a pleasure to watch these fella's.



While lots were trying to catch a glimpse of Body Count, i decided to call it a day and left the overcapacitated Warzone to relax watching ZZ-Top playing their bluesy Texas hard rock.
What a right thing to do in the sun and enjoying a fresh cold beer! Not much one needs or has to write. Old songs, new songs, (loved the Gotsta Get Paid live version) the hits. They played it all. It all looks so very easy, but Gibbons, Hill and Beard ( Yeah, the one without Beard ) are sure a three-piece of fine musicians. How long have they been around? Got that right, since 1971. And everybody was having a damn good time.

Faith No More:

High expectations everybody had on Faith No More i believe. And righteous they were. What amazed me immediately was the incredible sound. Without a doubt the best sound of the whole Hellfest.
All dressed up in white, all a little older, but you just gotta love this band. They worked refreshing. They played fantastic. Mike Patton as usual a clown next to his vocal duties. Even with the status that he has, he will always remain a sympathetic man. How cool it must be to hear a large crowd like that laughing to your jokes?
Apart from that, as the music is the most important thing, Faith No More wear near to perfection. Summoning up what they played is of less use. It doesn't matter here.
Definately one of the highlights of 2015.


Speaking about highlights. Obituary are like a machine. This is death metal the way it should be played. In it's purest form. No technical bollocks, no hyperblasts, no 317 riffs in one track. Just brutal, raw, filthy and mean death metal. With Jon Tardy one of he best and unique voices in the genre. This man needs no introduction. And try and notice his brother Don. Such an underestimated drummer. Is it weird to say that he makes this band groove, even if the genre hardly will use a word like that?
Nuff said. Obi fucken ruled.


Lay down your souls to the gods rock n roll!
Of how many genre's exactly will Venom be the godfathers? Well, the definition Black Metal comes from them even though that nowadays so called genre has nothing to do with it at all. One can also state that Death Metal has Venom as its primal influence. That makes two, perhaps Thrash too and you have three.
Things have changed since 1981. Cronos the only remaining member, but i guess without him it won't work. His vocals are too specific to replace. And Rage and Dante do well next to him. Perhaps a bit too good. In  a way that, Venom should sound sloppy and messy, not perfect as they do here. But who cares at this time of night really. They reigned.
Their last album From the very Depths was pretty good and so they play some songs of that, mixed with the golden oldies. Die Hard, Countess Bathory, and of course Black Metal along many others. I got loaded, lost my voice and so it was all highly entertaining. Enjoyed every minute of it.
Black Metal Gods Rock n Roll.

Live Review by Jean-Claude L' Enfer
Pictures by Lizasteele

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LIVE REPORT HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2015 saturday 20 juin Clisson France
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